Thank you for your interest in advertising with Okos Nature CBD Magazine. Our media pack provides comprehensive information about our publication, audience demographics, advertising options, and pricing to help you make an informed decision about partnering with us.

About Okos Nature CBD Magazine:

Okos Nature CBD Magazine is a leading online publication dedicated to providing reliable and insightful information about CBD and its natural healing properties. We strive to educate and empower individuals, fostering a community of like-minded individuals interested in CBD and its potential for promoting wellness.

Audience Demographics:

Our readership consists of a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about CBD and its benefits. Here are some key demographics:

  1. Age: Primarily between 25 and 45 years old.
  2. Gender: Balanced audience, with a slight female majority.
  3. Geographic Reach: Our readers are primarily from the United States, but we have a growing international readership.
  4. Interests: Health and wellness, natural remedies, alternative medicine, holistic living, and sustainable lifestyle.

Advertising Options:

  1. Banner Ads: We offer various banner ad placements throughout our website, including leaderboard, sidebar, and footer positions. These visually appealing ads provide high visibility and can effectively promote your brand or products.
  2. Sponsored Content: Collaborate with our experienced writers and create engaging and informative sponsored articles or features. This option allows you to showcase your brand or product in an informative and non-intrusive way, providing valuable content to our readers.
  3. Product Spotlights: Get your CBD products directly in front of our audience with dedicated product spotlights. These articles or sections focus on highlighting the features, benefits, and uniqueness of your products, capturing the attention of our readers.


Our pricing is flexible and varies depending on the advertising option, placement, and duration of the campaign. We offer competitive rates that cater to different budgets and marketing objectives. For detailed pricing information, please contact our advertising team using the contact details provided below.

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