CBD Coconut Oil

Studies have shown that CBD Coconut oil is arguably the most powerful and efficient way to use cannabidiol. Coconut oil has over 80% saturated fat content, making it the perfect medium for CBD. (For comparison, butter has about 50% and olive oil only 20%). CBD is a fat-soluble cannabinoid, which means it breaks down and can be stored in fat rather better than anything else, now enter coconut oil. The fatty acids in the coconut oil create a very strong binding agent for the cannabinoids, which produces a potent formula which can be efficiently absorbed into the blood stream and carried to every part of the body more efficiency. 

CBD Coconut can be mixed it into your favorite hot drink or added to your favorite meals, it can also be applied topically. Through rubbing it straight onto the skin, CBD infused coconut oil can be used to benefit the body. 

No matter what your craving, Oko's Nature carries exactly what you’re looking for!

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